Study expenses

An academic year in Canada is an eight months period. There are different prices for different locations, regions and study level that a student might choose. Please note that the prices below do not include any extra expenses that a student must pay.

Tuition fees in a university are between CA$1,000 to CA$20,000, per academic year.

Tuition fees in different colleges are between CA$8,500 to CA$15,000 per academic year.

Living and accommodation costs

One of the conditions to grant a student visa is showing a proof of financial ability to cover study and living costs in Canada. According to the statistics of the Canadian general migrations association the living cost for one year is CA$10,000 this covers accommodation, food, transportation, medical insurance, books, clothing and other needs. In case of a spouse there is an additional CA$4,000.

You must secure accommodation before arriving to the country and you can ask for help by international student office where you arrange medical insurance.

You must take into consideration winter clothing costs for those coming for warm countries.