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What required papers should be provided in order to study abroad?

Language Offer:

  1. Passport photo.
  2. A certified copy of the latest academic qualification.
  3. A financial support guarantee or a bank certificate/Sponsor.

Bachelor Offer:

  1. Passport photo.
  2. Higher Secondary School Certificate/”A Level” or equivalent.
  3. Financial support guarantee or a bank statement for more than six months showing adequate transactions.

Masters Offer:

  1. Passport phot
  2. + Photos accompanying passports.
  3. Graduation certificate + academic transcripts.
  4. Number of recommendations (3).
  5. Practical experience or a letter from work (if available).
  6. CV
  7. Proposal letter for school
  8. Financial support guarantee or a bank statement for more than six months.


  1. Passport photo.
  2. Graduation certification and the transcript of both bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
  3. Recommendation letters (2).
  4. Practical experience or a work letter (if applicable)
  5. CV
  6. Proposal letter.
  7. Research plan

Generally, what are the costs of the studying in a particular country?

Cost of tuitions varies from country to country, city to city, and from University to university. However the general average costs would be $ 9,000 to $ 25,000 per year.

When can I start applying to a University?

In practice, you can start the process at any time during the year, it is not necessarily to apply at the beginning of the year or in the submission period, applying early is always better and may help you avoid any delays that may occur from the admission-processing department of universities.

Do I have to have a certain level of language before applying to a university?

Yes, there are certain requirements regarding the level of language that you need to have, and this level is based on the major and the university requirements. Generally TOEFL, IELTS and similar test scores are used to assess language proficiency of the candidates.

Yes. Enzenius team can help to secure conditional admission that will be officially be offered in the case of improving the level of language, either in the country of residence or the country of the university.

Enzenius also offers IELTS and TOEFL review courses at some of its locations (i.e., Dhaka & Jakarta) to help our students improve their language proficiency.

Do I have to pay full tuition costs before I travel?

Payment process varies from one country to another and from one University to another, but in general they required first down payment to secure your admission. However, in some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand you will be required to pay the full tuition of the first year.

Can I work and study?

It depends on the country you have selected to studying in. There are some countries that allow international students to work during the study period. USA, for example, is more restrictive and allow for a limited number of hours, subject to approval by US Immigration authorities.

Australia and New Zealand offers more flexible work opportunities, where students can work during the week, weekends and on holidays.

Can I work after the finishing my degree?

Work visa is subject to Immigration laws of host country. All countries that is covered by Enzenius offers some form of work permit subject to meeting immigration conditions. For example, students can get up to three years of work permit in New Zealand, after completion of their designated degree program. You can can either work or start a new degree program.


Ready to go

What are the services provided by Enzenius Ltd.?

  • IELTS/TOEFL Preparation
  • University enrolment related services including acceptances in language institutes and universities, across several countries around the world
  • Visa related Services (Student, and Tourism).
  • Secure Accommodation and airport pickups (Only in New Zealand).
  • Foreign Exchange Assistance.

What are the countries that I could apply to study in through Enzenius?

Enzenius has extensive and offers diverse options for students in several countries around the world such as United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden. We are always seeking to expand our partnerships list to better serve our students.

Can you help me in the airport pick up/drop off and in securing an accommodation for studying abroad?

Currently, we are offering this service only In New Zealand. We hope to expand this services in other countries in the near future.

Where Enzenius branches are located?

  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Bogura, Bangladesh
  • Singapore


Scholarship Guideline

How much time would it take to get an admission offer?

  • Language offers: Within 1 week.
  • Bachelor offer: 4 weeks
  • Masters offer: 4 to 6 weeks

What are the types of university offers?

Conditional offer {Conditional Admission}, it has two types:
  • University offer with a conditional language (full offer + Language University), {Package offer}.
  • University conditional offer for TOFEL or IELTS (without the need of a language offer), {conditional based on achieving designed TOEFL/IELTS score}

Unconditional offer (Final Offer) {Unconditional offer or direct admission}

Candidate should have TOFEL or IELTS or any other tests such as SAT/GMAT, etc.…

What are the majors that I can get offers through Enzenius?

Enzenius team helps you to get offers in almost all majors, including the most common ones such as engineering, medicine and business administration.

Do you guarantee getting a university offer?

We do not guarantee admission offer as such decision is made by the university, however Enzenius team studies all existing opportunities that are available for students before applying to the universities and request the necessary papers and documents then apply for more than one university at a time to ensure securing the offer in the desired major.

When does the semester start in the U.S?

In most American universities academic year begins in the autumn (August and September). Or spring (January and March). We ensure smooth admission and visa process. We recommend that you start the process as early as possible.

Here are some of the terms used in different universities in the USA:

  • Fall: beginning of the studies starts in autumn (the month of August or September).
  • Spring: beginning of spring (Between Januarys to March).
  • Summer: Beginning of the summer studies (between May to July).
  • Winter: Dates for winter semester begins (December to January).
  • Spring I: the date of the beginning of the semester is January.
  • Spring II: the date of the beginning of the semester is March.
  • Fall I: the date of the beginning of the semester is August.
  • Fall II: the date of the beginning of the semester is October
  • Summer I: the date of the beginning of the semester is May
  • Summer II: the date of the beginning of the studies is June and July.

What is the possibility of studying medicine in New Zealand?

Medicine is one of the most popular subjects for international students, and many who pursue such qualifications are choosing to study in New Zealand medical school due to the nation’s two highly regarded medical schools; The University of Auckland and the University of Otago. Both are known for their immersive study opportunities and fantastic research facilities, and IEC Abroad’s connections with them make it even easier to study medicine in New Zealand for international students.

Applying To Study Medicine In New Zealand

New Zealand medical school(s) have medical courses available at both Otago and Auckland Universities. It is the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery qualification (MBChB). International applicants must have completed relevant courses in health sciences, biomedical sciences or similar before applying.

The First Year BHSc or BSc in Biomedical Science is a prerequisite for domestic students. Your qualification should be of a similar type, as admission is often at the discretion of the university. Students who decide on studying in New Zealand medical school must also register for the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) test before June in their application year, with the actual test taking place in July.

The score from this examination will be used to determine your suitability and challenges your critical thinking, communication skills, and scientific knowledge. Any prospective students whose first language is not English must also be able to prove their English language fluency by sitting the IELTS test. A minimum score of 7.5 is necessary, and students must not have a score lower than 7.0 in any manner. The IELTS is not required if you have already completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a university in New Zealand previously.

How Long Does A Medical Degree Take To Complete In New Zealand Medical Schools?

New Zealand medical courses finish in six years and the Ist year is about to general scientific education. In year three students can expect direct contact with patients in working hospitals, in year four your clinical period begins.

Exit exams at the end of year five determine if you can progress to the sixth year. Where your work as a trainee intern involves placements with more responsibility. This final year also comes with a stipend of around $27,000 NZD.

If you do choose to study medicine in New Zealand. There will be learning in two of the world’s foremost educational establishments with fantastic links to local medical institutions. To receive more information about how to study medicine in New Zealand contact Enzenius today.

What is the preferred country to study Engineering in?

Studying engineering is strong in most developed countries like New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Sweden. Engineering is listed in the skill shortage list of New Zealand, thus making it a very sought after degree for immigration purpose.

Are there any scholarships offered to students interested in studying in America?

Scholarships vary according to each university and area in the U.S but in most the time the student gets a partial scholarship ranging from 10% to 50% and this rate depends on the students grades.


Visa Documentation

Can you help me applying for a visa?

Indeed, one of Enzenius services is helping you with all procedures related to the visa, required documentation, preparing you for the visa interview, booking an appointment at the embassy, fill in the application form in a professional manner to avoid any delay the process or any refusal that might occur due to the lack of clarity of certain information in the application. All of that and more is being done by a professional and an experienced team.

How long will it take to get a visa? Is it difficult to get a visa?

Visa procedures in the embassy may take from a month to 3 months to get the visa, as for the difficulty Enzenius provides you with complete services that include briefing in order to be prepared for the visa interview at the respective embassy. We’ll assist you every possible way to raise your profile and increase the chances of getting the visa.